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Beginning the first week in January 2022, we will see progress in the church. The carpet will come up and the top three cement steps will come down. In time, we will see new wiring for sound and lighting, a new platform extending toward the congregation, and a revised arrangement for the choir. Eventually, the pulpit, altar, lectern, and entrance to the Sacristy will be on one even level, with space behind the altar for all kinds of possibilities. Sound inside the church will be greatly improved, with technology for those who wear hearing aids. Our live-streaming capabilities will also be much improved.

Our plan for in-person worship during renovation was to use both sections of the Reception Area in an elshaped arrangement with a table set at an angle in front of the Nursery door, OR to rearrange space in the St. Hilda Room. We were going to start with the plan in the Reception Area and go from there. At this point, however, because of the corona virus surge with the omicron variant, we have new guidelines from our Bishop and the Diocesan Pandemic Task Force which will best be observed here at Trinity by returning to all-virtual worship for the time-being. We WILL continue to have two services, 8 & 10:15 AM, but online only, beginning next Sunday, Jan 9. (Diocesan guidelines go into effect on Jan 3.) We will have one service at 9:15 for Annual Meeting, Jan 30, however. A new year, a new wrinkle, a new way to care for each other—as frustrated and disappointed as we may be! Wear masks, be vaccinated/boosted, pray for each other, and give thanks for God’s love in Christ Jesus!

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