Trinity is very fortunate to have a Labyrinth located behind our Church. Every one is invited to walk the Labyrinth whenever they wish.  It can be a very inspiring experience as we develop our spiritual journey with Christ.


Starting early in the first Century Christians made regular pilgrimages to the Holy Land with the desire to grow spiritually closer to Jesus. To respond to the spiritual needs of the people many churches in France, England and Germany built labyrinths to enable pilgrims to make symbolic journeys to the “Holy Land”, striving to unite themselves in spirit with Christ.


A labyrinth is not a maze; mazes are puzzles designed to trick and confuse people. The purpose of a labyrinth is to help the walker find his/her way. There is only one entrance that starts at the outer edge, goes into the center which then becomes the path back out.


The walk from the entrance of the labyrinth to its center represents the first part of this path. The walk into the center represents a letting go, or “purging” of things that interfere with the relationship with God. The center of the labyrinth symbolizes the place where the walker receives illumination or simply rests in whatever the experience offers. Retracing the path back to the entrance provides the opportunity to integrate any insights gained in the journey.


The labyrinth at Trinity is the shape of a Celtic Cross and is a very simple path to follow.


We invite you to come by and walk our labyrinth; sit a while in the center, and enjoy this quiet spot in God’s creation. We hope your experience will truly be a spiritual one.








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